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How Do The Tryouts Work? (Tryouts Are FREE!)

Tryouts are conducted annually, over the course of two or three 1-2h sessions for each age group.  
All player candidates are asked to register online ahead of time, to expedite the check-in process.
Registered Players: The day of tryouts, registered players must "Check In" and pick up a numbered bib. 
Unregistered Walk-Ons: If you do not register online, you will need a parent / guardian to sign a Tryout Waiver onsite, 
before checking in and picking up a numbered bib. You CANNOT tryout without the waiver giving consent.

*If your Age Group has more than 1 team, we will use PLAYER preference first, as a factor for player placements*
*Our club believes families should be involved in the choice of their players placements and not forced with a team*
At the end of all sessions, coaches will discuss the evaluation results and select players based according to tryout evals and consideration of player preferences.

Click *HERE* to see TRYOUT reminders and info on the tryout player preference selection process.

*Tryout format varies based on coach preference of tryout format*
Players may be organized on the field to perform various soccer drills based on the various drills and scrimmages.
Another format example teams may use is the US Club Soccer Technical Skills assessment. 
The US Club Soccer Technical Skills assessment provides all players with a non-biased assessment and scoring system
(used by many colleges and professional teams), with the intent of assembling the best teams possible. 
All players participating in teams using this assessment will receive a copy of their skills assessment upon request following tryouts.
Coaches will organize the drills and perform evaluations for each player by number.  
Players may be informed of their team selections at the end of tryouts, or may receive a call or email from the coach within a few days.

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