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What age does my child have to be to play at VanCity soccer?

VanCity soccer teams currently start at the development level (u8 and u9) and play league at the U10 level.  VanCity Soccer Club does not generally recommend that children “play up” except in circumstances where the team coach identifies that a child is specifically capable of competing with players who are older.

How much of a commitment is it to play soccer with VanCity Soccer Club?

VanCity Soccer teams practice two to three times a week for most of the year, and the practice schedule may be increased during preparation for tournaments. VCSC provides optional Skills clinics for players interested, and coaches will be notified of info to provide to their players. Typically teams from older age groups will require more of a time commitment than younger age groups. Most teams will also participate in several tournaments each year, which may require travel and overnight stays in other cities. Again, older teams are generally required to travel more than younger teams, and due consideration is always given to school and holiday schedules. 

What is the annual VanCity Soccer club fee? 

The VanCity Soccer club fee pays for all costs associated with the delivery of the club program, including Club League registration fees, club equipment (nets, field lining, etc), fields and lighting rentals (club associated), as well as other administrative costs for running our programs. Currently, our club staff and coaches are volunteers and are not paid, as we strive to provide the community with low cost options for high quality training.

For 2023/2024 , VanCity Soccer Club's annual club fee is $150 each player (early bird registration - July 1st or earlier), which includes the OYSA/WYSA card for 8/1/23-7/31/24. Annual club fees are collected after an age group’s tryouts are concluded. There is also and additional $50 non-volunteer fee at registration. This fee is refunded if families volunteer at the club level (committee, field lining, club fundraising events, etc..). Players who do not register July 1st or earlier for the $150 early bird registration will pay $200.

VanCity Soccer is a non-profit organization and we are dedicated to keeping competitive soccer available to all talented youth players. The club tries to keep costs as low as possible by using unpaid volunteers for most administrative functions, and balancing training fees with unpaid assistance whenever possible. We also work hard to identify areas where costs can be shared between more teams and players, to find sponsors for our programs, as well as to provide opportunities for team and club fundraisers. 

What is the annual VanCity Soccer team fee?

Team fees are different than the VanCity Soccer club fees. Each team incurs a modest amount of miscellaneous costs such as uniforms, tournaments, practice field rental (turf), league registration fees, etc.. These costs are all paid at the team level and will vary from team to team within VanCity Soccer depending on the specific activities a team participates in.
It is anticipated the average Junior Development Program team fees will be $300-500 each player, and the U10-U19 team fees will be $450-850, depending on your team plans. (Example: Playing only Spring Season, or both Spring and Fall).  For information about annual estimated costs for a specific team, contact the team manager or coach for that team. Team fees are direct costs associated with your team/players. Coaches and staff are not paid, and such fees are not and should not be added into individual team budgets.

My child is playing for a different soccer club or association - can I still have him/her tryout for VanCity Soccer Club?

Yes, any youth player of the correct age can try out for VanCity Soccer Club - if selected for a team, we will register him/her with the appropriate state and national associations. Your player will then be requested to be released from their prior club/association. In some circumstances, players can be dual registered if under different associations at each club. This situation will be evaluated case by case to see if your player qualifies for that rare situation.

Can my child play for a recreational team while still playing for VanCity Soccer Club?

Typically players would need to attend tryouts in order to be considered and rostered to a team. Many recreational coaches also may not want their players being divided between their practices and games as well. However, players may contact team coaches to participate in practices and additional activities based on coaches discretion, with the considerations of balancing both teams activities/training. Advanced level coaches may also want a committment to the team, as they do not want their player divided between multiple teams and/or conflicting training. Players would need to communicate with their coaches for those particular situations.

What are the benefits of playing advanced level soccer? 
The benefits are professional coaching, higher level competition, more intensive skills development, longer seasons, more playing opportunities, more training sessions, and having teammates who share a common commitment for becoming high level soccer players.  Players who strive to play on their junior high, high school or college soccer teams will benefit from the high quality soccer training they receive from playing advanced level soccer.  In fact, most all of today’s high school teams are comprised of players that play at an advanced level.  The simple truth is that soccer requires advanced foot-eye coordination which is only mastered by putting a lot of touches on the ball at a relatively young age. Many coaches believe that proper "feel" for the ball must be learned before the age of 14. In countries where soccer is the primary sport, the game is played early and often by young players. Advanced level soccer gives an aspiring player more opportunities to develop their skills at a young age so that they can reach their true potential.

When will the change to birth year age groups take effect? 

U.S. Club Soccer has mandated that all players move to the Calendar Year by August 2016.  VCSC has already completed this change.

What does Birth Year Mean?  

Birth year means a player will play in the age group of the year of their birth. The Birth Year calendar dates run from January 1st to December 31st. 
(Example G03 - Girls 2003) 

Why is the US Soccer Federation going to Birth Year?
The US Soccer Federation is going to Birth Year to align youth soccer with the rest of the world. Every country in the world plays Birth Year and all international youth soccer competitions are Birth Year, including all Youth National Team competitions and Youth World Cup competitions. The US Soccer Federation recognizes that the change will help our players develop faster. They hope it will benefit in the short term by producing better players and in the longer term by producing players who can compete on the world stage and win a World Cup.

What will teams made up of 8th and 9th graders on the U15 teams do when half their team leaves for the high school season? 
Potentially some players of a team will be participating in High School Soccer as Freshmen and the other players will be 8th graders based on a birth year format.  VCSC teams and coaching staff are asked to take 8th and 9th graders into consideration when forming their teams that will create the best experience for the 8th graders and will communicate their plan to the club and team.

Will I be allowed to play up a year to stay with my old teammates? 
As a Club we will continue to hold the stance that in order to play up a year you will need to be identified by your coach as meeting the following criteria:  The level is safe and appropriate for the players development, coaches have identified you as candidate by ranking you in the top rankings of your age group, and identified you as a top player in the age level up.

What happens if 2 players have the same jersey number once new teams are formed? 
There will likely be cases where players have the same jersey number as players move from one team to another and/or request the same number.  We will ask the players to work it out themselves first. If the players can’t come to an agreement, then the player who has the number the longest within our club will retain their number.  The player who doesn't keep the number will choose from a list of available numbers.

How do the tryouts work?

Tryouts are conducted annually, over the course of two or three 1-2h sessions for each age group.  All player candidates are asked to register and pick up a numbered bib.  Players will then be organized on the field to perform various soccer drills based on the US Club Soccer Technical Skills assessment and scrimmages.  Coaches will organize the drills and perform evaluations for each player by number.  At the end of all sessions, coaches will discuss the evaluation results and select players in order of choice. Players may be informed of their team selections at the end of tryouts, or they may receive a phone call or email from the coach within a few days. 
There are a few teams and/or age groups that may be running an academy style program. This means they are not holding tryouts, that all players interested in joining that specific annual program would need only to request to apply. Those teams would be identified and noted on our tryouts page.

Additional information regarding tryouts is on our Tryouts Page

Does a player trying out for a VanCity Soccer team have to attend all the tryout sessions for that age group?

We recommend that each new player trying out for a VanCity Soccer team attend all tryout sessions if possible, unless specifically informed by the coach. Attending every session provides the best opportunity for the coaches to see the players in action and make the best selections, and it also provides the player the opportunity to overcome any problems from a single day’s session.  Players returning to a team under the same coach as the previous year should plan to attend all sessions.  All players must go through a tryout process each year.

How many teams are selected?

VanCity Soccer may form two teams maximum for each age group unless otherwise approved through the committee.

How many players make the team?

U13-U19 Youth teams may have a maximum of 24 players on their game roster, with only 18 players allowed to play at each match., with the exception of U11-U12 teams which may have a maximum of 16 players. U8-U10 have a maximum of 14 players. Coaches may choose to have fewer than the maximum number of players on their team rosters, as this provides the coach with more flexibility with playing time, those playing multiple sports, etc.. 

Do all players get equal playing time?

Although coaches will attempt to make sure that all players get a chance to play as much as possible in each game, the amount of playing time per player in advanced level soccer will depend on game circumstances and the competitive situation. This is especially true for older teams playing at higher levels, where substitutions may not generally be done as often as for younger teams. 

VanCity Soccer coaches are trained on youth soccer development, and understand that "the game is the teacher” and that players need field time to develop their skills. For younger age group teams the emphasis will be on player development which means that playing time will be based on the growth of the individual players and the team as a whole.   

When do practices start? How many practices per week?

Practices generally start soon after tryouts are completed and team rosters are set.  Most teams practice two or three times a week, but this depends on the schedule and the team’s requirements.  Teams preparing for certain competitions throughout the calendar year may have more practices before those events.  Teams may also have additional optional scrimmages (either indoor or outdoor) when convenient. Each team may have very different team plans. It is a good practice to talk to the coaches and managers to get an idea of each teams specific practices and training details.

Where are practices held?

VanCity Soccer Club considers Skyview HS, Luke Jensen, Kiggins Stadium, and Hudson Bay as its primary practice fields.  In addition, VanCity Soccer may use other local area fields. (RORC, BGSD, etc) Information on these fields can be found on the VanCity Soccer Club website. VanCity will request from managers and coaches their practice field preferences and plan accordingly to accommodate teams based on preferences and locations. We also have grass and turf field options in Cowlitz County, Woodland, and Klickitat County for teams formed in those locations looking for local training facilitiies.

How long is the season?

All VanCity Soccer teams participate in the PTTL (Portland Timbers and Thorns League) -OR- WPL (Washington Premier League) in the fall, which generally runs from early September to November (except for Girls HS age who participate/play with their HS teams in Fall). The number of games will vary by league and level, but in most cases teams will play 10 to 12 games during the fall season. The Girls HS age will play in the either the PTTL or WPL Winter league which runs mid January - March. Both boys and girls U14 and under teams will also play in a shorter spring league (8-10 games) through the WPL or PTTL  Boys HS age will only play in the WPL in the Fall, and have an option to play a Winter League through the WPL or PTTL. Teams will also play in various summer tournaments in preparation for the fall season, or in post-season State tournaments. 

NOTE: The Developmental U8 through U-10 teams will typically have a lighter schedule with fewer tournament commitments.

When are games played?

League games are usually played on Saturdays or Sundays during daylight hours (9AM to 6PM). Some games or scrimmages may be played on lighted fields after 6PM, but games will not be scheduled for late in the evening. Some make-up games may be scheduled for weekday evenings.  Summer tournament games may be played any time on Thursdays through Mondays. For Travel league games, away games requiring 3h or more must be scheduled Saturday 11am - 5pm and Sunday 11am - 3pm.  If the travel away game is a double header away weekend, the schedule would be Saturday Kickoff scheduled between 1pm and 5pm and Sunday 9am - 12pm. Exceptions would only be allowed if both teams approve.

Where are games played?

VanCity Soccer Club considers Skyview HS, Luke Jensen, and the R.O.R.C in Ridgefield as its primary practice fields.  In addition, VanCity Soccer may use other local area fields. Information on these fields can be found on the VanCity Soccer Club website.

Currently, VanCity Soccer Club teams have the option to play in either the Portland Timbers and Thorns League (PTTL) or the Washington Premier League (WPL).
WPL: Depending on your away opponent, away games may be played as close as Vancouver and Longview, to as far as West Seattle, SeaTac and Tukwila. In some occasions, teams may play as far away as Spokane and Yakima (mostly the Premier Level Brackets) .
To minimize travel, teams will request double headers for travel, to limit to only 2-3 weekends away, if possible. 
PTTL: Depending on your away opponent, away games may be played as close as Vancouver, to as far as Bend or Medford Oregon.

Tournament locations will vary in geographic location as well. Younger teams will be more likely to participate in local area tournaments, whereas older, competitive teams may travel out of state at least once a year. 

Annual Schedule

Typical Year Schedule for VanCity Soccer Teams

Our annual schedule is based on the Puget Sound Premier League schedule and may change from year to year.  Our teams are formed annually at competitive tryouts and play soccer from late spring to the tryouts for the following year, with holiday breaks. The annual schedule may change periodically as adjusted by Puget Sound Premier League, US Club Soccer or other governing authorities. 

  • Annual Tryouts (April thru June) All players (new and returning) go through competitive tryouts for each age group, with evaluation by VCSC coaches.  Teams from different age groups may have tryouts at different times based on schedule requirements published by the Puget Sound Premier League and other governing bodies.  VanCity Soccer will publish tryout dates as early as possible each year.  All players are required to try out each year. 
  • Pre-season (May – August):Teams generally practice two or three times a week, 90-120 minutes each session.  The weekly schedule will be determined based on field availability. Additional practice sessions, scrimmage games and training camps may also be scheduled.  
  • Summer tournaments (May – August): Most teams will typically participate in a number of tournaments before the end of August – more information will be provided at the first team/parent meeting after tryouts.  Check with the coach or team manager for details for each team. 
  • Fall Season League Play (September – November): Teams will play in Puget Sound Premier League or Portland Timbers and Thorns League according to age and competitive level.  The fall league season typically runs 10-16 weeks, from early September to November and will take into account girls’ high school soccer season.  
  • Winter Tournaments, Spring Leagues, State Cups (January - May): Teams may participate in winter tournaments or spring leagues as schedules permit.  The tournaments and league schedules will vary for different age groups, and will take into account the boys’ high school soccer season.  U11 to U19 teams may participate in the Washington and/or Oregon Cup tournaments at the appropriate level to be determined by the coaches. Check with the coach or team manager for details for each team.  

Are there "away" tournaments that would require staying overnight?

Yes, some tournaments may require overnight stays, especially for older teams. This is usually decided between the coach, Director of Coaching, and the parents for each team. Some teams may choose to travel and stay together, while others may prefer to arrange for individual travel plans. While tournament registration fees are typically included in a team’s budget, teams will incur additional out-of-pocket expenses for away tournaments such as meals, lodging, transportation, etc. 

 Do the teams play at different competitive levels?

Yes, there are several levels of play organized by both leagues.  Please refer to the WPL League Page  or PTTL League Page for more information 

VanCity Soccer teams will play at the highest competitive level judged to be appropriate for them by the head coach of each team and the Technical Director, and teams may move from one level/division to another each year as best fits their competitive level.
Both the PTTL and the WPL Leagues offers a higher level for teams wanting more of a challenge.

What is the Washington Premier League?

The Washington Premier League (WPL) is a competitive US Club Soccer league. (Formerly known as the PSPL)  The league is open to all clubs within Washington State and northern Idaho that are affiliated with US Club Soccer.  The league offers divided brackets, to allow Western and Eastern WA to be separated into brackets to limit travel (unless Premier/Super League divisions).

What is the Portland Timbers and Thorns League

The Portland Timbers and Thorns League is a competitive Oregon Youth Soccer League. The league is open to all clubs within Oregon State and SW Washington that are affiliated with Oregon AND Washington Youth Soccer. 

Do I have to participate in fundraising?

Fundraising is a necessary part of any volunteer organization. Fundraising and/or donations serves to reduce the cost of participation for all team members and enables a team to provide financial assistance when necessary. However, although all parents and players are given information on how to participate, it is not required, only optional. We do ask to keep in mind, that although your player and family may not need the assistance, there may be players within your team that may need. At the team level, it is only optional to volunteer as needed. Each team will discuss with their players their expectations at tryouts/beginning of the season meetings.

In addition to the individual team fundraising events, VanCity Soccer conducts an annual Soccer Jamboree to off-set club costs not covered by the annual club fee. Each VanCity Soccer team is asked to attend, volunteer at the event with concessions, referee, and/or sell a certain number of tickets for our annual "Family 4 Pack Disneyland Package". Additionally, each coach is asked to followup with their team and players in obtaining sponsorships and/or donation items for the event. (ex: Gift Cards, Concession items, tourist attraction items, gift baskets, etc.) 
At the club level, if you choose not to participate in fundraising, your $50 non-volunteer deposit will not be refunded. 

What participation is expected of parents? 
VanCity Soccer Club is run by volunteers, and each family is expected to volunteer at either the team or club level – or both, if you wish! We prefer that our coaches concentrate on coaching and training and leave the organization and management of the team up to the parents. There are a wide variety of volunteer positions available with each team, so there’s bound to be something for everybody. If you are interested in volunteering at the Club level, please email [email protected] for further info. 

Can my company be a sponsor for VanCity Soccer? Can I donate to VanCity Soccer for operating costs,  fees, etc.? 

Yes, please contact our Club Administrator for details on how to contribute. We would love to work with sponsors that share our passion for our community and the talented soccer players it serves!  VanCity Soccer is a 501c3 non-profit organization, so all or part of your contribution may be tax deductible. Your employer might also have a charitable donation matching program which could allow you to increase your donation to VanCity Soccer Club.  Please contact our club administrator for more info @ [email protected]

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